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can help you to take a major step towards upgrading your property and taking advantage of the positive impact this can make to your operating results.  Managing guest room energy consumption is one of the most visible and cost effective steps you can take in your overall energy management plan.

offers the hospitality industry systems based on the TWO MOST POPULAR technologies on the market today. These are PIR (Passive Infrared) or motion sensing based systems and KEYCard Activated Systems. Each type delivers aggressive energy savings for hotels of every description and as you know energy savings mean cost savings which drop right to your bottom line.

We have found that over the past few years the majority of customer have preferred the PIR method of occupancy sensing. This is due to their lower costs and ease of installation. There is also no intervention required by the guest to operate the system.

Our support staff is ready to help you with answers to your questions, help out with savings estimates and of course providing detailed proposals for your property. Check out what others are saying about the results they're enjoying at their properties by clicking the link.

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vigate through our site we hope you'll agree that there are savings opportunities that can be maximized in your operations and that we will have a chance to help you get going in that direction. Contact us for help in creating a savings plan for your property and thanks for visiting us at Entergize - where saving energy is smart  business!

David Donaldson
Vice President Sales and Marketing
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