The Entergize PIR system through it's state-of-the -art technology delivers improved PIR temperature control AND through it's integrated single unit design, new lower costs. Entergize has taken the bold design step of integrating it's advanced PIR sensor into it's Programmable Digital Thermostat creating the industry's first single unit PIR based energy management system. Activation of the system is accomplished automatically when a guest enters the room, requiring no guest /system interface. Nothing could be simpler. Once the guest has entered the room and the system has detected occupancy, the HVAC/PTAC unit is automatically directed to either heat or cool the room depending on the settings management has programmed into the Digital Thermostat. Alternatively, the guest can set the temperature setting to whatever they desire. when the guest leaves the room this process is reversed and the system places the HAVC/PTAC in it's unoccupied setting. This will cause the room's temperature to migrate to management's unoccupied energy savings target temperature.

Why integrate the PIR Sensor
Combining it's advanced PIR sensing technology into it's Programmable Digital Thermostat delivers unique benefits. System reliability is increased by minimizing the distance between the PIR sensor and the Digital thermostat  AND by eliminating externally mounted PIR sensors. Since external PIR sensors are no longer needed system component cost and the cost of installation is reduced.
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PIR may be the PERFECT way to get started controlling guest room energy consumption and lowering your costs! The Entergize thermostat with 
embedded PIR sensing  will help reduce energy costs when compared to older technology thermostats and/or PTAC technology. For properties planning to upgrade to Digital Thermostat technology, the Entergize RF/PIR system is clearly a superior way to go when savings and functionality are compared to other alternatives.

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