Entergize Background

Entergize, is the Brand name for Hotel Guest Room Energy Management Systems designed and offered by ENTERGIZE, LLC, a company dedicated to the goal of reducing the amount of energy that is needlessly wasted in the Hospitality industry. Over the years the company has perfected its Card activated systems and its PIR activated systems for use in hotel guest rooms.

Entergize began installing its hotel room systems in 2001. Since that time these systems have been installed in thousands of hotel rooms across America, and are saving energy and lowering utility costs at some of the country's most recognizable hospitality brands.

Entergize systems provide significant savings when installed in hotel guest rooms. With demonstrated savings up to 40% the energy savings, along with the increased life expectancy of equipment by lowering runtimes the ROI is often two years or less making the decision to upgrade to the Entergize System an easy decision.

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