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Many factors contribute to energy savings. Room occupancy rates, weather patterns for your area, utility rates, age/type and condition of your HVAC equipment, are all examples of energy savings factors. These all drive the cost of providing energy to guest rooms. By entering the cost data for your hotel, number of rooms etc., our savings calculator will calculate the estimated savings an Entergize system will likely deliver.  Most properties in the US will observe savings of 25% to 40% after installing an Entergize Guest Room Energy Management Sysytem. Click on the "Company We Keep" link to the right to see what some of our customers have said about their Entergize systems.

Hotels choose to pay for their systems in various ways. Some lease, some can self finance and others use conventional business financing arrangements. Regardless of the method of payment, the monthly SYSTEM GENERATED SAVINGS are usually sufficient to offset or even exceed the monthly payment, lease payment or amortized investment cost. In other words, SYSTEM generated cash savings will typically exceed the monthly cost of the system which makes an Entergize system an uncommonly  impressive investment.

You'll see from the SAVINGS ESTIMATOR that the ROI of the system, the time it takes to recoup your system investment, is generally under 20 months. Again, due to the many variables involved this period can fluctuate some from property to property.
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The best way to get started on your energy savings path is to click on the "Estimator" link to the right.his handy tool will help you estimate the energy savings that could be possible for your property!
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