The Importance of Energy Savings in the Hospitality Industry

Energy savings is a topic that has been at  the forefront of conversations around the world for the past few years. Whether it's a global warming debate or the latest in hybrid autos, it's all about energy. For the hospitality industry Energy Savings has a special role. Saving energy helps the planet-sure, but it also has a very positive effect on both your bottom line and the positive way in which your guests view your property. Many guests prefer to stay at energy friendly properties versus those that are not able to demonstrate and promote their green status. 

Energy is expensive, and it's not going to go down anytime time soon. (Check out the rate increase link) So answering the question about - why save energy ? - may seem like a Duh. . . !! sort of subject. However, many hotel managers are unaware of the significant dollar savings that are possible by reducing the amount of energy that is wasted in connection with guest room operations.

Nationally, hotels spend approximately  20% of the their operating budgets on energy.  Of this total, most would agree an average 70-75% is spent on energy consumed in guest rooms. This translates into guest room energy expenses of around 15% of a hotel's overall operating budget and is therefore a prime candidate to look at for savings opportunity. We all know that guest rooms are occupied somewhere around 1/2 of the time when sold, and less when vacancy factors are applied. Lowering Energy Consumption during the time when a guest room is unoccupied represents an astonishingly attractive opportunity to achieve significant savings without in any way compromising guest comfort.


With the increasing financial challenges that are sure to affect the hospitality industry in 2008 and beyond, now is a good time to add energy savings to the list of ways to improve your property's financial performance.

By using our easy to use
energy savings estimator you will be able to get a good idea of how a guest room energy conservation system would benefit your property. Moving through the site you will see how easy the system is to install, and how simple and intuitive the Entergize systems are for guests.

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