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Energy Management Sysytems are based on two popular technologies. These are Key Activated Systems and Passive Infra Red Systems (PIR). Each type system provides benefits to the property owner and the savings from either can be substantial. There are many in the industry who favor one or the other technology. In order to provide the fullest range of systems possible, Entergize specializes in delivering leading edge systems of either type technology. The following pages detail each of these and their benefits.

Entergize Key Card Activated Systems


Positive Guest Interaction

Save 20% to 40% on guest room energy bills

How the System Works

The concept behind unlocking your ability to add profits by reducing energy waste is to provide a convenient-to-use system that will allow hotel management to reduce energy consumption in guest rooms when the room is unoccupied. Being able to AUTOMATICALLY AND RELIABLY detect the occupancy status is one of the critical capabilities of the patented Entergize systems. And doing so at low cost and high guest convenience is what separates Entergize from all the others.


Entergize systems are designed to be easy to use and guest friendly, while delivering savings to property management in the form of lower energy expenses. Our Key Card system operates in way familiar to most hotel guests.  Just as the guest inserts their key card into the door lock to gain access to the room, once inside the room they perform an  operation similar to entering the room by inserting their room key card into the illuminated Entergize Master Control Switch (MCS). As soon as the card is inserted and left in the master switch, the system automatically places itself in the “Occupied” mode.
This causes the HVAC system to shift from economy to comfort settings and to promptly begin to heat or cool the room according to the guests desires. When in “Occupied” mode, the system is
under full guest control.

Digital Thermostat

The main system component to be activated is the Digital Thermostat. This happens automatically after inserting the key card in the MCS. The system immediately sends a signal to the HVAC unit to take the appropriate action based on the temperature setting that management has preset the Digital thermostat to OR places the system under total guest control, depending on management's desires. The guest can set whatever temperatures they wish simply changing the desired temperature on the Digital thermostat.  For applications with certain unique requirements Entergize offers an extra cost battery powered wireless version of the Digital Thermostat.

Optional Electrical Controls

Wall switches and wall outlets may also be conveniently activated by the master key card switch. If these controls have been installed by property management, they are all activated  at the time the key card is inserted into the master switch. Once activated, they are used like any wall switch or outlet. The controlling technology for all electrical outlets and switches and outlets is wireless, eliminating the need to run wires during the installation process.

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