Passive Infrared Systems (PIR)

Entergize PIR systems deliver similar opportunities for energy savings as Entergize's patented key card systems. The major difference is in the technology employed to detect the presence or absence of room occupants. PIR systems are “passive” in that the sensing technology  Does not generate or radiate any energy for detection purposes. Traditionally all manufacturers PIR systems have had problem with what is called "false readings". This is when the PIR sensor fails to detect occupancy. For example when a guest is sleeping and there is little or no movement in the room. Enterize PIR technology has been developed to eliminate these  errors. Through the use of our embedded programming the hotel can set the thermostat to lock-on to occupied mode after a certain time - like 10 PM. Any motion at all that is detected in the room after this preset time will result in the thermostat staying at the selected temperature as in ---locked on in occupied mode  --- even if the presence of a guest in not later observed. This removes the requirement that some properties have requested in the past which was an optional door sensor which communicated with the themostat to attempt to ensure that false reading did not happen. Rest Assurred -- the Entergize PIR will not have you waking up hot or cold in the middle of the night because of a false reading.

How PIR Works           

The Centerpiece of the Entergize PIR system is it’s advanced Integrated Digital/PIR Thermostat  (OCCUSTAT) This modern and easy to use Thermostat combines the operations of a state-of the-art programmable Digital Thermostat with a PIR sensing device.  Costs are held to a minimum by integrating these two functions, delivering an industry leading value. When the guest enters the room, the PIR sensor detects their presence and automatically sends a signal to the room's HVAC,  signaling that the room is occupied. The heating/cooling system begins operations in accordance with it’s Pre-programmed PIR “room occupied” instructions. This may be to heat the room to a predetermined temperature, or cool it. Guests of course can intervene at any time with their own desired settings simply by adjusting the Temperature setting on the thermostat. When the guest departs the system will continue to scan the room and after a proggrammed period, designed to unsure that a guest is not in the romm, it will adjust the temperature to a management selected energy saving level.This system is the PERFECT way to conveniently lower your energy costs in an attractive, low cost system.You will continue to save over time as the product is expected to have a life of over 10 years and comes with a 5 year warranty.                                                                                                                     
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